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When you are about to make a choice for your next step in your career, or to start a business, that can cause a lot of anxiety. I have recently faced this situation, and I came up with something that may help.
To take out the complexity in evaluating different career and business opportunities, I came up with a quadrant that may help.
I placed “revenue per unit of effort” on the horizontal axis. By “unit of effort” I mean anything that you have to provide as an input, may it be time or investment.
On the vertical access, I placed how much you get excited by it.
So the things that don’t excite you at all, and don’t produce any income for you, would be on the left, bottom quadrant. These are CHORES and you probably want to avoid these as much as you can.
If something does not excite you too much, but you can make money with it, it would be in the right bottom. Most JOBS are in this area and if they are not too far from the horizontal axis, you can probably tolerate them.
Things that get you excited but don’t produce any money (at least not yet), are on the top left quadrant. These are your HOBBIES. Get as much as you can of these without going broke.
Now if you can make some of these turn some profit, then you are in the right, top quadrant. This is what you want, these are what become PASSIONS.
I hope it helps!


Link to YouTube video: https://youtu.be/eZ1I4YzWqTk