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About me

My name is Huba Rostonics and I have spent at least two decades working with and for some of the greatest companies in the world. 

aaS/Cloud Transformation

The world is at a turning point and there is no denying it anymore.

Consumers have already taken up the trend and it is not going to take much longer until all businesses transform their operations and supply chain to subscription-based, as-a-service or cloud models.

What’s your plan for to transform your own business? Regardless if you are a technology vendor or a value added reseller, if you don’t adapt and consider these new business models, your competition is going to get ahead of you.

Make the decision today and let us help you start transforming your business through our four-step process.

Channel Strategy Design

Partner Programs look pretty much alike for the untrained eye, and while just copying a competitor’s program is an option, it is extremely important that your company’s program is fully tailored to your products, solutions, and services; and with the End Customers you are trying to reach always in mind.

Each component of your Partner Program must exist to incentivize a particular behavior. There is no use for any policy that is not aligned with this idea.

I have spent hundreds of hours interfacing with peers in your industry, as well as in developing program strategies myself. Let me help you design -and implement- a Partner Program that supports your ultimate goals with a good use of resources.

Offload the initial work of designing and implementing a thoughtful Partner Program to us, and take over and manage it afterwards.

Partner Portal Standup

There are many very good Partner Portal solutions available in the market, but even when you select a quality vendor, there are significant challenges to stand up a portal with your corporate content and making sure that it aligns with your Partner Program.

I offer contract services for the following areas:

  • Portal design. Test usability, Emphasize the items that matter the most, care for aesthetics, etc.
  • Program support validation. Make sure that your portal supports and reinforces your Partner Program.
  • Collateral and Marketing Assets repurposing. Adequate your existing assets for partner use.
  • Integration with other Sales Tools. Design and validate your CRM integration is up to spec.

I am vendor agnostic, I can help you select the right supplier for you depending on your preferences and supply the work to stand up your Portal in record time.

Channel Marketing Management

I help organizations deliver on the promise of Channel Marketing and truly leverage their Partner’s audience to create demand and accelerate the funnel.
Do you have MDF funds that remain unspent? Is it always a challenge to have your partners do quality marketing? Are you struggling to provide your partners with the appropriate repurposed content and collateral they need to run their own campaigns?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, I can help you. Years of experience in managing partners and creating Marketing campaigns for them serve as a basis for our Channel Marketing Management services. I can:

  • Ensure that your partners are fully utilizing their MDFs, getting you the biggest impact for your funds.
  • Repurpose corporate Marketing material and adequate it to use by partners.
  • Structure campaigns that can be triggered effortlessly by partners.
  • Interface with your partners, Manage campaigns, and get them to conclusion.
  • Help partners gather all the supporting documentation to claim their MDFs, according to your policies.

All these services are offered on retainer or funded through the MDFs you already have allocated to your Partners. Let me help you deliver quality Channel Marketing, under your specs.