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About me

My name is Huba Rostonics and after at least two decades doing work for some of the greatest companies on the planet, I wanted to offer my skills to organizations and executives around the world. To make an impact, it is first necessary to know the true value that we deliver, and execute on it. I help executives and organizations to find and define this unique value, align their strategy, and see their challenges in a different light, driving innovation.  Then, we create equity by establishing relationships and  processes that stand the test of time.

Why “ChannelMeister”

I started my career centered around engineering, deeply embedded in services and project management. Very soon I got involved with managing relationships with external, third party companies that were part of the value chain. I learned how to manage and incentivize these “channel” relationships. That’s when I came up with the “channelmeister” brand. It stuck, and I have been involved with the channel ever since.  

It turns out that about 70% of business flows through indirect channels, and that working with the channel is a fairly all-encompassing discipline, requiring strategic thinking, and understand sales, marketing, finance, services delivery and even legal aspects. A pretty nifty skillset to master!

This is why I take a 360-degree view of my clients’ business, and we concentrate on the aspects that will produce faster results.