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Offering GTM and Business Strategy Consulting services for Startups, Mid Market companies and the Enterprise. Fractional Channel, Marketing, and Strategy leadership.

"I help executives and organizations to align their go to market strategy with the true value that they offer, and see their challenges in a different light; to innovate, and establish relationships and processes that create equity"


Show the way. Light up the path. Augment your reach.


Steer your organization and take it to port safely.


Turn skeptics into true believers. Build a following.


Produce results, leave a mark, create value.

What I Offer

Thriving in a changing world requires constant attention to shifts in the business environment, making the right decisions, and executing flawlessly. Experience, insight, and unique perspectives are indispensable in these situations. The ChannelMeister has built a career in leading organizations towards their objectives, improving efficiency and repeatable processes, building resilient  businesses and has developed a practice in tracing strategies to ramp up existing businesses, penetrate new markets, and preparing organizations for their next pivot. His experience centers around designing and executing go to market strategy, building distribution and channel networks and establishing customer success best practices, all while improving business operations.

Fractional Channel Chief and Go to Market (GTM)

Any size of business can benefit from top-quality leadership. Fractional leadership offers access to the talent you need at manageable costs and results-oriented, month-by-month commitment. Get top talent for your Go to Market Strategy challenge.

“a real asset to our efforts in building out the infrastructure, and voice of the company to our channel ecosystem”

VP of Sales, Virtualization Security Company

Business and Go to Market Strategy Development

I help businesses and executives face their challenges and go through transformational changes, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Summertime – The Daily PPILL #375

Pauses, “sabaticals” as some like to call them, can be re-energizing.

Determination (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #374

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Pulling off the Band-Aid – The Daily PPILL #373

Doing impactful consulting requires to develop a special set of skills to call out the client in a respectful way.

Building a vision (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #372

Skills are important, and the compensation and perks are good to have. But nothing substitutes a great vision.

On Tools and Weapons – The Daily PPILL #371

Every tool is defined more by how it’s used than by its nature itself.

Decision making – The Daily PPILL #370

How can you save time making decisions?
Is it worth to learn from how leaders avoid everything to “boil to the top”?

Habits (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #369

The shortcut’s life is short. The habit lives on to become your destiny.

Backward compatibility (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #368

What does a frying pan have to do with this?

The Bullet Journal (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #367

Ever tried to use paper journals and you end up with a mess? Cannot find anything? Or maybe struggle with scheduling things? Read on…

Saving the world, one email at a time (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #366

The progress that technology has brought to society, has improved the lives of the population in general, lifting ONE BILLION PEOPLE out of property.

Ode to the middle manager – The Daily PPILL #365

In the world of organized work, supervisors have always played a crucial role in ensuring productivity and meeting targets. As technology advances, robots and AIs take center stage. Will the supervisor remain essential?

Momentum, the Unstoppable Force (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #364

The captivating mechanics of flywheels, unlock the unstoppable force of momentum and they are the perfect analogy for exponential growth

“Don’t know everything, but I am fast learner” – The Daily PPILL #363

AI’s Learning Ability: ChatGPT Learns Classification Task on the fly.

Finding Purpose (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #362

Coming up with a list of things that I would like to do, hasn’t come that easy to me, but I learned a little trick that I have used over time.

The Next Meeting (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #361

Is there anything more important in every meeting than getting the next one?

Hypecycle – The Daily PPILL #360

AI’s journey on the Hypecycle has been intriguing—excitement grows, but doubts linger. Will disillusionment strike again?

16000 trips – The Daily PPILL #359

Most things we use wear out, but some, like skilled Uber drivers, get better with use.

Reverse Hitchhiking – The Daily PPILL #358

Problem-solving often requires challenging the current approach and apply things in reverse.

“Your call is important to us” – The Daily PPILL #357

We hear: ‘your call is important’ on loop.
Actions speak louder.

‘lectric – The Daily PPILL #356

Despite some sources suggesting otherwise, data suggests that electric vehicles have lower environmental impact. However, challenges remain.

Embrace the imperfection of models to make better decisions – The Daily PPILL #355

Models are imperfect by nature and evolve over time. Embracing their limitations allows for better utilization and understanding.

Drummers and platforms – The Daily PPILL #354

Online platforms serve as equalizers, amplifying reach and visibility. Should the responsibility for the user’s actions lie solely with the user?

The masculinity of gardening – The Daily PPILL #353

Just like gardens, companies can wither without attention.

Encryption and truth – The Daily PPILL #352

Modern encryption not only ensures private messages, but also verifies senders. Secrets become truth.

Absolute and relative – The Daily PPILL #351

What matters? The absolute number determines success, but for setting goals and assessing progress, relative proportions are key.