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Offering GTM and Business Strategy Consulting services for Startups, Mid Market companies and the Enterprise. Fractional Channel, Marketing, and Strategy leadership.

"I help executives and organizations to align their strategy with the true value that they offer, and see their challenges in a different light; to innovate, and establish relationships and processes that create equity"


Show the way. Light up the path. Augment your reach.


Steer your organization and take it to port safely.


Turn skeptics into true believers. Build a following.


Produce results, leave a mark, create value.

What I Offer

Thriving in a changing world requires constant attention to shifts in the business environment, making the right decisions, and executing flawlessly. Experience, insight, and unique perspectives are indispensable in these situations. The ChannelMeister has built a career in leading organizations towards their objectives, improving efficiency and processes, building resilient  businesses and has developed a practice in tracing strategies to ramp up existing businesses, penetrate new markets, and preparing organizations for their next pivot.

Fractional Channel Chief and GTM

Any size of business can benefit from top-quality leadership. Interim Management offers access to the talent you need at manageable costs and results-oriented, month-by-month commitment.

“a real asset to our efforts in building out the infrastructure, and voice of the company to our channel ecosystem”

VP of Sales, Virtualization Security Company

Business Strategy Development

I help businesses and executives face their challenges and go through transformational changes, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Ask better questions – The Daily PPILL #220

A good question sets the direction of our thoughts.

And, roll the credits – The Daily PPILL #219

In so many industries, recognition is reserved for the few, and the rest are “the team”, except for some notable exceptions.

Please, get out of the way – The Daily PPILL #218

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way”, mostly that last one…

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The way we conceive our accomplishments shapes the way we pursue them.

We know shadow from light – The Daily PPILL #216

It is easier to know what “better” looks like than “good”. Many of us can tell when someone is out of tune, but very few of us have absolute pitch.

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Don’t lose hope. There are many things we can do to help.

What HR could learn from the services folks – The Daily PPILL #214

We can count on humans, we can lean on them. But in a world where knowledge is
more and more valuable, perhaps calling people a “resource” is outdated.

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The things we never imagined our phones would do

Forcing the decision – The Daily PPILL #212

We want things to go OUR way. But we also want them to happen now.

The customer is always right – The Daily PPILL #211

Reporting falsehoods will never make things right.

Chose to remember hope to forget – The Daily PPILL #210

Do we have to be at the whim of our emotions? Can we learn from them?

Thank you! – The Daily PPILL #209

Take a pause. Celebrate Thanksgiving.

Things you may add to your Thanksgiving gratitude list – The Daily PPILL #208

Do you have your gratitude list down? You better hurry, you never know when someone may request you to give a speech.

It is not all our fault – The Daily PPILL #206

Where a person stands may be a product of their effort, but also good or bad luck.

The one thing you should do today – The Daily PPILL #205

Furious activity is no substitute for understanding – H.H. Williams, Archbishop of Carlyle, 1861

The woman in the X5 – the Daily PPILL #204

When we get lost in our petty motions, we lose the ability to be curious.

Illiterate no more – The Daily PPILL #203

This small underplayed upgrade is going to change the way you do everything.

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Relentless motion forward leads to moments of breakthrough.

Validation vs. Desire – The Daily PPILL #201

The only fan that will follow no-matter what?
That’s you.

Lead or In the Lead? – The Daily PPILL #200

Being at the front doesn’t necessarily mean that you have followers.

Baby and bathwater – The Daily PPILL #199

Change is inevitable and we should actively seek it out.

But changing everything in one swoop may not be the best idea.

Event horizons in history – The Daily PPILL #198

In our arrogance we think we understand the past.

But we don’t even know it the way we know the present.

Pushing the pitch too far – The Daily PPILL #197

Highlighting the benefits of your product or service is a great way to persuade customers that they are making the right choice, but we should be careful not to create unreasonable expectations.

The last chart of the Internet – The Daily PPILL #196

We can go on in life thinking there is nothing new.

Or we can chose to be curious, seek it out and be surprised.