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Offering GTM and Business Strategy Consulting services for Startups, Mid Market companies and the Enterprise. Fractional Channel, Marketing, and Strategy leadership.

"I help executives and organizations to align their strategy with the true value that they offer, and see their challenges in a different light; to innovate, and establish relationships and processes that create equity"


Show the way. Light up the path. Augment your reach.


Steer your organization and take it to port safely.


Turn skeptics into true believers. Build a following.


Produce results, leave a mark, create value.

What I Offer

Thriving in a changing world requires constant attention to shifts in the business environment, making the right decisions, and executing flawlessly. Experience, insight, and unique perspectives are indispensable in these situations. The ChannelMeister has built a career in leading organizations towards their objectives, improving efficiency and processes, building resilient  businesses and has developed a practice in tracing strategies to ramp up existing businesses, penetrate new markets, and preparing organizations for their next pivot.

Fractional Channel Chief and GTM

Any size of business can benefit from top-quality leadership. Interim Management offers access to the talent you need at manageable costs and results-oriented, month-by-month commitment.

“a real asset to our efforts in building out the infrastructure, and voice of the company to our channel ecosystem”

VP of Sales, Virtualization Security Company

Business Strategy Development

I help businesses and executives face their challenges and go through transformational changes, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Artificial Trust – The Daily PPILL #275

Trusting AI may become our biggest vulnerability.
Can we design for it?

Agency – The Daily PPILL #274

Rewarding progress, getting the incentives right, communicates that people have agency.
If everything is random, there is no point in change.

Listening to criticism – The Daily PPILL #273

We ask (or perhaps not) for criticism.
Sometimes comes through harsh.
But when do we know we should ignore it?

Services delivery, not enough, and maybe too much – The Daily PPILL #272

The world has a new paradigm, which requires a new way of measuring services.

Virtually Accepted – The Daily PPILL #271

When things are new or different, they are not seen as normal.
Until they are. At what moment does this happen?

Better than a Post-Mortem – The Daily PPILL #270

Deciding between options that both have pros and cons, can be really difficult. Most of the time we don’t consider the scenario when something goes terribly wrong.

Storing energy in cryptocurrency – The Daily PPILL #269

Bitcoin miners use large amounts of energy.
Is it all lost?

Questions and Answers – The Daily PPILL #267

Communicating is a two-way street.
If you insist in going just one way, you’ll cause a jam.

DST – The Daily PPILL #266

We just changed out clocks again. Another cycle.
For once, we may never go back.

Not imperfect – The Daily PPILL #265

When we are on a roll, we need to make some extra effort to empathize with who are not.

Customer Success and the Layer 8 error (Repeat) – The Daily PPILL #264

Gone are the days when Solutions Providers would install a system, make a few tests and walk away. Adoption of new solutions is crucial for unlocking the profits of the long tail in XaaS offerings.

A ride to the airport – The Daily PPILL #263

Arthur C. Clarke’s third law states that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
An invisible driver definitely checks that box.

“Sorry, we don’t do that” – The Daily PPILL #262

When being disruptive, mean it.
Be willing to turn people down.

Ready to go (always) – The Daily PPILL #261

People who are purposeful are always ready to go.
Be aware of burnout, it inevitably comes.

Not even plastic in the wallet – The Daily PPILL #260

Digital transformation can make our lives easier, but also more resilient in case of the unexpected.

Lipstick on a pig – The Daily PPILL #259

Partner’s can see through you.
Deliver more value, and get more in return.

Upgrade cycle – The Daily PPILL #258

Progress is constant.
Don’t wait for it.

The PRO – The Daily PPILL #257

There are those who are proficient, and then there are those who are professional.

Totally Over the Top (OTT) – The Daily PPILL #256

Are the market forces enough to regulate the complicated relationship between telcos and the services they enable?

Serendipity – The Daily PPILL #255

The only way to find what we are looking for…
…is to keep trying.

Catnap – The Daily PPILL #254

As humans, we require a lot of preparation of most things we do.

The exclusion challenge – The Daily PPILL #253

Something is not really in your wheelhouse.
Do you get involved? or not?
And further on, do you keep it separate?

My podcast list on rotation – The Daily PPILL #252

When your nephew asks you for something, how do you respond?
Just publish a blog post…

The space in the middle – The Daily PPILL #251

Categorizing can be both unfair and uncompassionate.
But for us to operate, it may be necessary.