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Micro Business Academy

Growth Acceleration for Stage I & II  Entrepreneurial Companies with less than $20M in Annual Revenue


Build something that creates nonnegotiable personal freedom

Are you?

Trying to cast a Compelling Vision?

You know where you’re going and why it matters but you struggle to clearly communicate it to others and end up feeling like the work is all on you.

Attempting to craft and validate a Simple Strategy?

You need a way to connect your vision to the execution but you’re overwhelmed with options and not clearly knowing which path is right for you and what step should come next.

Longing for confidence when Delegating Execution?

You can’t do everything yourself but you’re nervous about trusting others with “your baby” and if they’ll do the work the way that you would do it.

 The Micro Business Academy is the Growth Acceleration program specifically designed for entrepreneurial companies with less than $20M in revenue and that combines: a Leading Business Operating Framework, Executive Coaching for the organization’s leader, and a Peer Group for supporting your efforts, and creating accountability.

Everything that successful business leaders have to support them

Small business owners face unique challenges that can be difficult to navigate alone. Through this program you’ll get access to all the resources the most successful business leaders use to get them to the next level. Every business leader needs to have a support system in place. One of the most effective ways to do this is by working with an executive coach, having a business framework, and belonging to a peer group, the cornerstones of the Micro Business Academy. When enrolling into the MBA, you’ll get:

Executive Coach

It’s hard to see the “field” when you’re in the heat of the “game”. That’s why the most successful entrepreneurs use coaches. An executive coach will work with you to improve your leadership skills and help you achieve your goals. Working with an executive coach can provide the following benefits:

Strategy: An executive coach can help small business owners develop strategies for growth and success.

Perspective: An executive coach can provide an objective perspective on the small business owner’s business practices, allowing them to see their business in a new light.

Accountability: Like peer groups, an executive coach can hold small business owners accountable for their goals and actions.

Business Framework

A business framework is a set of principles or guidelines that can help small business owners develop a roadmap for success. A solid business framework can provide the following benefits:

Clarity: A business framework can help small business owners define their goals and create a clear path to achieve them.

Consistency: By following a consistent set of principles or guidelines, small business owners can create a more predictable and stable business environment.

Flexibility: A business framework can also provide the flexibility needed to adapt to changing circumstances and new challenges.

Building an organization without a framework is like building a house without a blueprint – it won’t stay standing for long. Our licensed S2 methodology (short for System & Soul) provides the framework and tools to provide structure to your business.


Strengthening the 6 Key Elements of your business is critical to sustainable growth

Take the S2 Diagnostic and receive an in-depth report highlighting your areas of strengths and weaknesses in each of the 6 Key Elements.

Take this free diagnostic along with the other members of your senior leadership team

Peer Group

A peer group is a community of like-minded individuals who share similar goals, experiences, and challenges. Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely at the top. I’ve been there. BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way. Making the journey alongside other growth-minded entrepreneurs gives you unfiltered, honest feedback while building lifelong relationships. Belonging to a peer group can provide small business owners with the following benefits:

Support: Running a small business can be isolating, and it can be challenging to find people who understand the unique challenges that come with owning a business. Being part of a peer group provides a sense of camaraderie and support that can be invaluable.

Accountability: Peer groups often hold each other accountable for their goals and actions. This can be particularly beneficial for small business owners who may struggle with accountability when working alone.

Feedback: Peer groups provide a safe space for small business owners to receive feedback on their ideas, strategies, and business practices. This feedback can help them improve their operations and grow their businesses.

These components provide the support, accountability, feedback, clarity, consistency, flexibility, strategy, and perspective that you need to succeed, but also enjoy the process. By investing in these components, small business owners can create a solid foundation for growth and success.

Sign up today and save more than $1200!

$495/month* for 12 months

Hybrid experience:

  • Small co-horts of a maximum of 15 people
  • Co-hort meets monthly by teleconference, with a weekly check-in
  • Meet in-person, two times during the program
  • Upon enrollment, you’ll get a 30-day free trial of the S2 Sync App*

    We are the ONLY Micro Business Academy in SEATTLE, WA and MIAMI, FL

     * Promotional pricing until August 31st. Regular price of $600/month from September 1st and on. Cancellations accepted until August 31st. Cancel anytime after the first three periods.

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6 Phases

The Micro Business Academy is designed for busy business leaders to be able to fit it among their priorities, and is challenging enough to keep you moving forward and achieve your objectives. It is the ideal program for business leaders that are not ready for a full S2 implementer, but who also want to build a business on solid foundations.

Discovery Call

During this call, we’ll explore your high-level goals and obstacles and if The Micro Business Academy is the right fit for you and your organization and if any other coaching is needed.

60-min meeting

I’ll meet with your entire senior leadership team and/or business partners to learn more details about the state of the organization, share a bit about myself and my background.

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