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What can entrepreneurs learn from “A million miles away” – The Daily PPILL #377

Making a movie recommendation on a Monday is weird, but A Million Miles Away is a story of purpose.

The 5 questions your pitch should answer – The Daily PPILL #377

In sales and pitching, be ready to answer five crucial questions.

Flow: or how a Coldplay concert can get you writing again – The (not so) Daily PPILL #376

After a summer pause, I couldn’t get myself to restart The Daily PPILL. But a concert experience compelled me to break the silence and continue.

Summertime – The Daily PPILL #375

Pauses, “sabaticals” as some like to call them, can be re-energizing.

Determination (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #374

Where there is a will, there is a way.

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