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Moving next door – The Daily PPILL #395

I am moving to Substack. Please excuse our dust!

Habits (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #394

The shortcut’s life is short. The habit lives on to become your destiny.

Decision making (Repost)- The Daily PPILL #393

How can you save time making decisions?
Is it worth to learn from how leaders avoid everything to “boil to the top”?

Celebrating letdown – The Daily PPILL #392

“I savored a Negroni, as I contemplated a business deal that I walked away from. Lack of leadership and integrity, misaligned vision. A two-year commitment averted!”

When the wheel hits a rock (REPOST) – The Daily PPILL #391

When are incentives appropriate? When are they superfluous?

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Digital scent – The Daily PPILL #381

Digital scent – The Daily PPILL #381

In the digital world, we unwittingly share data, blame smart speakers, and create a “scent” for digital hounds to follow. This data can be used to build a perfect model of us.

Blindsided: Abundance is going smart – The Daily PPILL #380

Blindsided: Abundance is going smart – The Daily PPILL #380

The world is about to shift. Again. Some technologies that are coming down the pike will deliver a shift as big as the splitting of the atom. Some resources are about to become very abundant, and the world will shift from offering scarce resources, to managing abundance.