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This is about the third life lesson a vintage, and very aqua road bike, taught me. You can read more about that in the first post of this series, The Univega and Life Lessons it has taught me. The subject of that story, is a road bike I found discarded on the curbside years ago. After some TLC, I have been riding this road bike forever since.

The Aqua Road Bike with a Life Lesson

Every one of us has lots to offer, and every one of us is on their own unique ride. Here is this week’s life lesson from the very-aqua bicycle:

  • Trust your own judgement. Never dismiss opportunities (potential businesses, job opportunities, candidates) just because someone else has rejected them. They may not be the right thing for someone else, but they could be just what you need.

When I first saw this bicycle, in parts, on the curb, my first thought was “there must be something wrong with it, Why would anybody throw out a good bike like that?”. I could see from a distance that the bicycle had quality components. But I still doubted. Would I look like a fool? Was it just a cheap worthless piece of metal?

Following my own judgement is what made me take it. Later, at the bicycle shop, my initial assessment was confirmed. The components, while old, were good quality, and it turned out to be a keeper.

I would not be writing these lines otherwise.

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