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Summertime – The Daily PPILL #375

Pauses, “sabaticals” as some like to call them, can be re-energizing.

Determination (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #374

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Pulling off the Band-Aid – The Daily PPILL #373

Doing impactful consulting requires to develop a special set of skills to call out the client in a respectful way.

Building a vision (Repost) – The Daily PPILL #372

Skills are important, and the compensation and perks are good to have. But nothing substitutes a great vision.

On Tools and Weapons – The Daily PPILL #371

Every tool is defined more by how it’s used than by its nature itself.

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Ode to the middle manager – The Daily PPILL #365

Ode to the middle manager – The Daily PPILL #365

In the world of organized work, supervisors have always played a crucial role in ensuring productivity and meeting targets. As technology advances, robots and AIs take center stage. Will the supervisor remain essential?