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The capability of sharing dreams between two or more human beings has always been -well-, a dream of humanity.

Being able to tap into the subconscious and to be part of the same experience for a moment is something we have pursued since the beginning of our time. Imagine ousting from your vocabulary the expression “you had to be there” and actually be able to show what you experienced. Fiction novels and -in the last century-, movies, have gotten closer to this.

But what does the act of sharing dreams have to do with Channel Management, Marketing and Leadership in general? One thing: The Enterprise.

I am not talking about the 20-story shiny glass facade. I am talking about the Enterprise as the pursuit of a goal, the endeavor.

Probably the closest we will ever be within this decade to share our dreams, is to get involved in a major project, pushing for a goal, and -if we truly believe in it- achieve that state of flow where not much more matters, where muscle memory takes over, complicity is the norm, and everybody knows their role. When this happens, there is no need for follow-up meetings, Gantt charts or memos. No glazed-over eyes, mute buttons. Some people are lucky enough to find this state of flow in what they do for a living, others find it in their service to the community, their families or a hobby.

What is your endeavor? Will your channel follow you?