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There are things you deem impossible, and then there are those things that you don’t even think as impossible because they are so out there, that you don’t even consider overcoming the obstacles, they are just “impossible”.
And those are the more problematic ones. Those are the ones that when someone gets a hang of them, they sneak up on you, and make you think “How come I never thought about that”.
Take this for example: You have skipped stones, Right? How many skips? 4? 5? If you would tell me 12, I would say that’s impossible!
Now watch this video here.
( for those of us with short attention span, I’ll give you the gist: Kurt Steiner -several time stone skipping world record holder- does EIGHTY EIGHT)

Will your stone-skipping be the same? Even better, What’s your “stone-skipping”?